Organic Chutney Powder - Curry Leaves

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Everyone loves chutney. So we created a series of healthy yet nutritious powders. One of our favorites includes the Curry Leaves Chutney powder. You can eat it with idlis and dosas. Apart from the aroma, it has a striking taste and distinct flavor. Curry leaves can also be used for weight loss. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, and B2. Curry leaves are also said to be good sources of iron, calcium, and antioxidants.

Instructions for use:
  • Transfer the content to a small bowl
  • Add enough water and mix well to bring it to the chutney consistency
  • Enjoy it with Idly / Dosa.

Variation for use:

  • Take 1 spoon of powder (if needed, add more), sesame oil, and mix with steamed rice or millet. Enjoy a nutritious, tasty meal!

Ingredients: Curry Leaves, Red Chillies, Cumin Seeds, Fried Gram, Mustard Seeds, Rock Salt.